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If you are looking to repair damaged or worn exterior of your home? Or if you have a new remodeling project in mind? We will deliver more bang for your buck then any other contractor in Texas!!! So, call and talk directly with the owner… Call and ask for Don today (281) 360-8999!

Looking for the best Houston brick repair or a home repair contractor. Then call us today (281) 360-8999. AAA Masonry and Home Remodeling will attend to your damaged brick. As well as any other residential repair or remodeling projects. Because you can always count on the guaranteed lowest prices, without giving up the finest quality in Houston TX. And because we offer a personal level of service you won’t see anywhere else.

When you call for a quote, you will speak directly to the owner. And, Don has over 30 years experience in the masonry and home remodeling business!

You will not have to talk to an assistant or have a salesman come to your home. Because the owner of AAA, Don, will go over your needs himself. And, because you will get a quote based from an experienced professional, and the owner of the business. Our #1 goal is quality, quality, quality… Followed closely with VALUE and CUSTOMER SERVICE!

We understand that giving you our full attention will result in the job getting done the right way. The first time!  Because AAA Masonry and Home Remodeling is built on customer satisfaction. And, because the proof is in our long list of satisfied customers. So, read on to find out just how much we can do for you!


The Brick Repair Man Has You Covered

AAA Masonry and Houston brick repair can give your home a thorough finish. As a homeowner, you understand how important maintenance can be. Every day your home takes a beating from weather, use, you name it! And like other things, after a while it needs repair. That’s where we come in! Let us take care of your home maintenance. From roof repair to foundation issues, we can tackle it. For example, many Houston and Kingwood homeowners have beautiful brick exteriors. But living in a hot, humid climate means regular maintenance for the brick. Do you have time to research what to do? Then there are materials and supplies to buy. Why worry? We are expert masons who have the know-how to keep up with your home’s needs.

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The old saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine.” That means catch a problem early before it causes more. South Texas residents understand how water leaks can cause a lot of problems if you don’t get to them fast. We can help locate and repair damaged areas quickly, so you can stop worrying. Or maybe you’ve had a problem with your patio, and cracks are forming.

Don’t wait! Because more time equals more possible problems. And because we will find the original problem area fast. While we do, we can tell if there are other items that should be fixed now to prevent headaches later. Because these days, no one can be expected to do it all. You work hard to own and enjoy your home. We work hard to know all there is about repairing every part of a house. Let us show you our skills, Houston!

Our repeat clients in Spring, Kingwood and Houston, TX give us positive feedback. After the quality service we render such as Houston brick repair, pool refinishing, outdoor patios and bug screening. Also with granite and stylized stone counter top installation, and foundation repair. We offer on time appointments to clients from different areas. Such as Kingwood, Spring and Houston TX. Also, our experienced residential re modelers and don’t cut corners. As they are eager to provide you with optimum results.

Brick Repair Contractor – Home Improvements – Home Remodeling

Start with Houston brick repair for your home. Then you can enjoy some improvements! Let’s be honest – we all have a wish list. Maybe you’ve dreamed about a covered porch. Or you would love to cook with an outdoor kitchen. So, what’s stopping you? We get it, budget comes first. AAA Masonry, Houston Brick Repair, and Home Remodeling prides ourselves on not overcharging the client. Because we wouldn’t have much repeat business if we did! So, we offer honest quotes and no hidden fees.

If price is not an issue, what about timing? How long does it take to install a new set of kitchen cabinets? We are proud to offer quick service from the beginning of construction. None of that “We’ll be back next week.” Our customers are highly satisfied with our project completion time. Because we know what we’re doing, which makes a difference. Our craftsmen are only satisfied when you are. Since we do all Houston brick repair work ourselves, we can make it right the first time. Call Don today, and learn how what we say is true!

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If budget and time frame are good. Then it’s time to get those new projects going! Because we are a full-service Houston brick repair company that can complete every part of every job. Think about your backyard. Do you enjoy spending time there? How would a covered patio improve your relaxation? Maybe a new pool would cool everyone off! A home addition would give you the room you need to spread out comfortably. AAA Masonry and Home Remodeling has built all of these and more! So, we can take your existing yard and make it your oasis. Because if your kitchen is making you crazy, we’ll give it the facelift it needs. And because every room and your yard always has room for improvement!

Work Directly With The Owner

From the minute you call AAA Masonry, Houston Brick Repair and Home Remodeling, you’ll be pleased. Because our owner Don will listen to you and give you a fair quote. And because our workmen will arrive on time and finish quickly. We only use the highest-grade materials. Years of experience means we will do the job right the first time. And you will have the home you’ve always wanted. Sounds too good to be true? Take minute to look through our site. And, you’ll see picture after picture of satisfied customers’ homes. So, get a free quote – what do you have to lose? Kingwood homeowners know what we can do! Call the Houston brick repair man today for all your home remodeling needs!

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