patio addition on back of house being worked on

Questions About a Back House Patio Porch Kingwood TX Project

This gorgeous home addition shows off our very best skills to perfection. The residents of this Texas home were looking for a new space to add to their home, and they got double! This addition adds usable space to the first and second floors of the house. And a backyard slope is not a problem for us – look at how we used it in the design! On the upper level, the residents have a deck that can be reached by walk-out patio doors. Imagine the view! And the gracefully curved ironwork railing adds more eye-catching appeal.

Perfectly-Integrated Back House Patio Porch To Add Value And Space To Your Home!

Any homeowner would love the added space to enjoy entertaining family and friends comfortably! Look at how people can move from inside the house to outside with ease. The patio gives the residents a place to socialize without having weather cancel the event. There is ample space for tables, chairs, whatever you need to make your get-together a success. The lovely iron railings are placed here too, to bring together the top and bottom spaces. And the outside finish is perfectly matched to the home. You can’t tell where the home ended and we began. At AAA Masonry and Home Remodeling, we take pride in our craftsmanship in homes like this. We always use the best materials to create a seamless finish that you can admire for years to come. This outstanding addition is a testament to our home improvement abilities – it’s time for you to see what we can do!