close up photo of expert masonry work done texas style

There are Outdoor Kitchens, and then there are Outdoor Kitchens, like this amazing example of our craftsmanship! Need it all in one place to make your party an unbelievable success? AAA Masonry & Home Remodeling made it happen for this Texas homeowner. Just look at this incredible Outdoor Kitchen island – everything the homeowner can use for the ultimate get-together is here. The oversized island houses a sink, four-burner gas grill, heat lamp, serving areas, and storage for all the accessories you’ll use. We also provided plenty of extra seating on the wall surrounding this spacious kitchen.

Incredible Expert Masonry Outdoor Kitchen & Sink Dreams Come True!

This kitchen not only holds all you could want to host an unforgettable party. It also shows off the unmatched skills of AAA Masonry & Home Remodeling’s experienced craftsmen. An island this large, with so many amenities, is not easy to create. We used only the highest-end stone and other materials to construct the kitchen, so that it will withstand all you can throw at it. Then you notice the seamless integration of the island with the stone floor of the patio. Not only is the pattern eye-catching, it is also durable for those burning-hot Texas summers! Your guests will feel cool and relaxed with a space this large to socialize and enjoy your outdoor cooking. One quick call to us, and we can give you the estimate to start your outdoor fires burning!