Granite countertops Houston Kingwood completed project

Questions About a Granite Countertops Houston Kingwood Project

Want an upscale kitchen without the upscale price tag? We are your answer! This Houston kitchen was functional, but not special. Enter AAA Masonry & Home Remodeling – we upgraded the entire kitchen’s look with a granite countertop. Suddenly, the whole room appeared more open and inviting. Wouldn’t you love to see how fast your kitchen can look like new? It’s so easy – just call to talk directly to the owner! Soon you will be enjoying a beautiful, practical new countertop!

Granite Countertops Houston Kingwood Can Make a Huge Difference!

Granite Countertops can instantly turn your outdated kitchen into a modern dream! Not only are they beautiful, but they are durable and practical too. Granite can take a beating from a busy family, and wipe clean to a polished shine. But The Brick Repair Man can handle much more than granite. Homeowners have so many choices these days – concrete, Silestone, wood block, quartz – the list goes on! We will meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of each type of countertop material. We can also help you plan how your new countertop will affect other parts of the kitchen. It can be much more efficient to replace sinks and/or backsplashes while we redo the counters. Our owner will help you through this process. It’s not as overwhelming if you have a professional contractor at your side!