Completed backyard patio addition

Questions About a Houston Texas Backyard Patio Addition

How can you bring the outdoors in? With a stunning addition like this one in Houston, Texas. The homeowners were looking to extend their home’s living space and include a patio area. AAA Masonry & Home Remodeling had their answer – this lush addition that can be used for seasonless entertaining! We all know how brutal summer heat can turn an outdoor party into a rush for cold drinks. Give your guests the comfort they deserve with an addition that gives everyone a place to enjoy!

The walls of windows in this space allow so much light in, it’s like being outside! The big difference comes in when friends can enjoy that light without the heat!

Three Walls Of Windows Can Let In A Lot Of Light With This Houston Texas Backyard Patio Addition

You still need an outdoor space to enjoy those beautiful spring and fall get-togethers. This patio area does just that. With plenty of space for seating and a grill, guests can move about with ease! Our experts have even worked in a space for the residents to enjoy some natural accents. The trellis gives a perfect place to grow vines that bring together the beauty of nature. And we designed a patio with a place for lovely landscaping that ties together the addition and the pure natural beauty of the yard. The addition, patio, and accents are work together in harmony. This doesn’t happen by accident! Let AAA Masonry & Home Remodeling show you how we plan to make masterpieces like this come to life!