Patio addition project

This stunning Outdoor Covered Patio Addition brings together many of our superior skills of The Brick Repair Man. This architectural beauty first shows how we work with your existing home to create a design that totally complements your style. The covered structure not only enhances the geometric shape of this home, but allows for all-season enjoyment from the amazing views out of the oversized windows. No more intense sun flooding the home and creating soaring AC bills! These owner can now enjoy the view from both inside and outside of their home.

From Start to Finish, Stunning Renovations Houston Humble Kingwood

Let’s talk materials. The durable retaining wall is constructed of high-quality concrete block, creating an area for the patio to be installed. We used the outer edge of the patio for an area of landscaping, so that bushes and plants can bring the entire look together. The columns and interior of the addition are a gorgeous finished hardwood, and we combined the recessed lighting within the structure to give a soft glow for entertaining. The exterior finish of the structure echoes the look of the home, since we used complimentary colors and finishes. The final product is an outdoor space that the owners can use through the entire year, and in which guests can enjoy the spectacular view. All in all, AAA Masonry & Home Remodeling can meet all of your home improvement and addition needs, from design to decoration.