Room Addition Houston Kingwood completed project

Questions About a Room Addition Houston Kingwood Project

Believe it or not, every summer day in the Houston area is not like a blast furnace. In fact, many of us miss out on those cool days with a good breeze. None of us miss out on skyrocketing electrical bills. Why not use nature’s gifts to your advantage? A screened-in porch addition will give you the best of all worlds. The sun will not overheat events since you have a roof to cool you off. At the same time, three walls of screens allow plenty of air to flow through the space, cooling everyone off. The masons at AAA Masonry & Home Remodeling will help you get this perfect balance.

Room Addition Houston Kingwood Should Be More Than Enough Air To Cool You Off!

Perhaps you have a back patio area that is constantly overheated because there is no shade. Make that space usable! The Brick Repair Man can create an energy-efficient space that you can enjoy in all seasons. Take this Houston home – the owners worked with us to design a space that allows excellent air flow so they can enjoy the outside comfortably. We perfectly incorporated the addition into the existing home – look at the seamless roof line! And the arched ceiling design makes the space seem gigantic. There is now plenty of space for the owners to have friends and family over to watch the big game in comfort and style. Plus moving in and outside of the house in now a breeze – literally! Life is short – enjoy your home now!